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Maximize The Value Of Your Technology Organization

Value Realization

Based on a proprietary algorithmic engine, we provide an assessments of the value being generated by each of your capabilties and platform solutions. Receive actionable insights so that you can optimize their function to drive better business outcomes.
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Seamless Integration

Using LUMOS' built-in API connectors, you can instantly connect to over 65 industry-leading platforms and solutions. System integration is never easy, but LUMOS provides turnkey solutions so you can focus on what really matters.

Open Architecture

Don't see what you're looking for? Compatibility with new extensions and connectors ensures that you can take control of the unique technological environment within your organization.LUMOS has the flexbility to use anything from plug and play integrations to advanced scripting languages.

Centralized Information

LUMOS aggregates and translates the relevant data from integrated applications and solutions into one unified hub. Don't worry about gathering your data: we'll do that for you.Navigate, correlate, and examine the things you need to know about every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

Real Time Data & Updates

Don't wait around for outdated, fragmented reports. Receive an instant look into your data, including lineage and completion percentages. Normalize and categorize its attributes in accodance with industry standard taxonomies. Ensure no stone goes unturned.


LUMOS VRS - Value Realization Score

Integrate and analyze your IT data and extract the maximum value from your technology investment. LUMOS Platform will assist your entire organization to mature its IT capabilities.


LUMOS VRS™ - Value Realization Score provides you a synopsis of the entire value stack delivered by your Technology organization. With LUMOS Platform you can run and manage IT like a business!

Industry Benchmarks

With our Enterprise Licensing model, you'll gain access to curated insights and best LUMOS VRS scores by Industry verticals. LUMOS Platforms will create a continuous improvement roadmap so you can match or exceed the benchmarks. We'll deliver actionable insights and prescriptive recommendations to assist you in the journey!

True North Star

LUMOS Platform will help bridge the gap between strategy, tactical objectives and operational tasks. By delivering specific and detailed information from executive level all the way to the teams of experts, LUMOS Platforms is the compass to guide everyone toward your True North Star. We can help to achive your objectives in the shortest and most effective way possible.



Enterprise Grade Security

LUMOS Platform is protected by enterprise-grade security. We provide granular control for authentication, authorization, and entitlement management. SSO integration with external IdPs and MFA are also included at no additional cost.

Personalized Branding

LUMOS Platform is designed to allow personalized branding. Use your logo and branding kit colors to integrate seamlessly our product into your environment or to project your corporate presence when sharing the analytics reports.

Light / Dark Theme

Unleash your inner geek and use the LUMOS Platform with either a light or dark theme. The selector is available in both Menu and Full-Screen modes.

Full-Screen Mode for SOC/NOC

Display what matters to you in 1080 or 4K large screens in your office or SOC/NOC designated areas. Project each module on its own screen for a fully comprehensive view of your IT environment.

User Persona Comparison

Learn What Lumos Platform Can Do for You


Spend less time creating reports and more time generating results. Company-wide data visibility and refined benchmarking allow SME's to clearly understand how their contributions impact each other.


Evaluate performance, identify gaps, and allocate resources with speed and at scale. With real-time data updates from SME's, managers gain instant insights into their operational effectiveness.


Filter out technical jargon noise and receive actionable insights. Complete data visibility allows executives to make sound decisions on potential security and compliance risks, resourcing needs, and the financial health of the organization.

LUMOS Platform Licensing Options

Annual Cost / Unit


  • 10 Product Connectors
  • Foundational LUMOS VRS Score
  • 25 Dashboards
  • SSO Integration


  • 25 Product Connectors
  • Enhanced LUMOS VRS Score
  • Persona Based Views
  • Additional Dashboards
  • Configurable Modules


  • 35+ Product Connectors
  • LUMOS VRS Improvement Roadmap
  • Industry Benchmarking
  • Custom Dashboards Services
  • Custom Connectors
  • Multiple IdPs integrations
  • Configurable Modules
  • White-label Branding